Our Vision

At Pulse 163, we are not only dedicated to providing you the highest level of instruction, but a personal, concierge experience in a warm, non competitive environment. Every instructor at Pulse brings their own signature style and personality to the studio so no two classes are ever alike. With professional dance and performance backgrounds, our instructors promise to deliver a fitness experience that is not only transformational, but engaging, inspiring and exciting. Our emphasis on musicality ensures you will be moving and grooving like never before. Most important, our mission at Pulse 163 is to provide you with a community fitness destination where you can count on creating friendships and always feeling empowered.  With our schedule of monthly workshops on topics ranging from nutrition and wellness to mindfulness and meditation, we are a one stop shop for total mind and body wellness.  

"At Pulse 163, the barre classes move superfast, so you're never bored while you jam to a current, upbeat soundtrack. If you begin feeling the burn is a little too hot, the friendly and professional staff at this bright Malibu-inspired fitness studio is always there with words of encouragement".

-Miami New Times Magazine


What our clients have to say.......

  • I've tried many various barre studios and classes, and Pulse163 proved to be the best. Its not just super professional instructors and fun classes, but also very friendly atmosphere which makes you want to come here again and again.                                                                           - Olya P.  
  •  An unforgettable workout experience will await you! This is the perfect place to find peace and to work behind the barre on your stability, flexibility and strong core while having so much fun. You will be surrounded by truly beautiful inside and out people.                                                                                                   -Tania P.
  • Love the workout and people at Pulse! Wonderful staff, great music and classes that leave you feeling like you are in the right path to getting in the shape you want to be. This studio is a must try! So glad it's so close!                                                                                                     -Lisa M.
  • One of the best fitness experiences, the staff pushes you to your limit and you're sore for days!!!!  - Ari G.