Pulse Barre

Our signature barre class combines traditional isometric barre work and low impact cardio exercise using light weights, bands and balls to deliver a total body toning and calorie burning experience. Barre is about tiny movements (isometrics) where we "burnout"each muscle group followed by deep stretching to elongate the muscle. This workout gives you the long, lean muscles of a dancer's body. Voted Miami New Times best group fitness class of 2015! All levels are welcome.

Pulse Barre Sculpt

Challenge yourself with a fast paced, 45 minute intense barre sculpt class that includes resistance and strength training using weights, bands and balls. This fusion format of isometrics exercises and traditional barre elements delivers a high energy, total body workout in 45 minutes.

Pulse Cardio Barre

A Pulse raising 45 minute barre experience combining traditional barre work with intervals of cardio bursts to get your heart rate up for maximum caloric burn. Including HIIT and isometric exercises, this high intensity workout ensures fast results. This is a more advanced class however, modifications are provided to accommodate fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Get ready to sweat!


This intense 45 minute class is designed to sculpt and target arms, abs, booty and legs. Working in muscle blocks you will fully fatigue and burn out each of those targeted areas in order to make the most of your assets.  Add this class to your fitness schedule and come get sweaty with us! 

Private and semi private classes are AVAILABLE upon request. For more information please Call the studio at (305) 454-0549 or use our contact form.