Pulse Barre

This high energy class combines traditional barre work and low impact cardio exercise with light weights, bands and balls to deliver a total body toning and calorie burning experience! All levels welcome!  Voted Miami new times best group fitness class 2015.

Pulse Barre Sculpt

Challenge yourself with fast paced, intense barre sculpt class including weights, bands and balls. Get a total body workout in 60 minutes. All levels welcome!

Pulse Cardio Barre

This pulse raising barre experience combines traditional barre work with balls, bands and weights.  Fast paced and challenging, Pulse Cardio Barre is a calorie burning, total body toning workout. All levels welcome! 

Pulse Cardio Sculpt

Challenge yourself with this high energy, intense hour that includes targeted body sculpting with weights, bands and balls as well as some extra firming power at the barre.  Set to amazing music, this is a total body workout that will get your pulse racing.  All levels welcome!


This intense sculpting class will lift your seat, firm and tone your legs and slim the waistline!  Add this class to your fitness schedule and work on those hard to reach areas in a fun and fast paced, intense 45 minute class.

BOSU at the Barre

Where Barre meets the BOSU ball in a variety of expanding workouts that will challenge your inner balance, core strength, flexibility and deliver an effective workout.  


Private and semi private classes are AVAILABLE upon request. for more INFORMATION Please Call the studio at(305)454-0549 or use our contact form.